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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Connor SmithConnor Smith
Pass in a manual car
I struggled with my confidence a lot when learning to drive. I was making slow progress with another instructor but when I had lessons with Bruce I was becoming much more confident with my decision making. I managed to pass my test after the third attempt and will make sure to use all the skills that Bruce taught me on the road. I would recommend Bruce to anyone looking to learn to drive as he is very skilled and patient.

Jade McClureJade McClure
Ist time pass
I honestly could not thank Bruce enough for helping me pass my test first time with only 2 minor faults. He made every lesson different to ensure I was learning along with becoming more confident as a driver and he also made me enjoy my lessons rather than dread them (maybe his unfunny jokes & humour helped a little too….) Bruce also was always very calm and his knowledge/ experience really showed in each and every lesson. I am so glad I have passed my test and I would without a doubt recommended Bruce to anyone wanting to learn to drive!!! Thank you again Bruce!!

Dr. Minjie ZhouDr. Minjie Zhou
Automatic lessons
Bruce has been the voice of reason throughout my learning to drive. Being someone with zero knowledge about cars as well as a non-native speaker, I could not imagine that I could have passed the test without his individualised teaching methods, his patience, and countless support he always kindly offered to make my life easier. I like his value of working in a partnership in a way that I was never spoon-fed but had full opportunities to discuss, ask, and trial. Instead of aiming only at passing the test, learning with Bruce has given me the confidence to drive on roads I have never been and under varying conditions. I am truly grateful for being one of his pupils and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable instructor!

Holly MartinHolly Martin
Pass in a manual car
I can not thank Bruce enough for his help throughout my lessons with him, could not have done it without him.

Andreja SpatkauskaiteAndreja Spatkauskaite
1st time pass - Automatic
Amazing driving instructor! As someone with anxiety, I can confidently say he kept me so calm and relaxed every time I got in the car with Bruce. I have not only just passed my test at first time, but I feel like I am the safest driver I can possibly be, and that's thanks to you! Highly recommend!

Fraser Love
Pass in a manual car
I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone looking for a patient and understanding instructor. He always made sure I felt comfortable and allowed me to learn at a pace suited to me. His calm nature ensures that you never feel under pressure and look forward to every lesson

Dean RichesDean Riches
Ist time pass- Automatic
Today is some day for me, i've finally passed my driving test! At the first time of asking too, It was some feeling after all that hard work and covid delays to finally get it over the line! I have nothing but admiration for my instructor and his work ethic in getting you out there to drive not just to pass your test! I've come to driving later in my life at a young 42 so having someone like Bruce McNeill there giving his experience in his teaching as well as his knowledge of driving and of course knowing your limitations and working with you to overcome these to become a new Driver, I will for anyone who is looking to go for their licence have no delay or doubt in my mind in recommending Bruce to anyone. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bruce for his time and patience with me and with Covid disruptions to give me the opportunity to get my licence today.

Josh McGrathJosh McGrath
Passed 1st time
I would definitely recommend Bruce to anyone who is learning to drive. He gave me the confidence to perfect my abilities and reach an acceptable standard quickly. He got the very most out of every driving lesson with me and I passed my driving test first time.

Kay McNidderKay McNidder
1st time pass
Passed my test first time today with 5 minor faults. I could not have asked for a more patient and kind instructor than Bruce. He knew what type of learning worked for me and never failed to make me laugh. Thanks Bruce!

Andrew MacLennanAndrew MacLennan
Pass in a pandemic
I would highly recommend Bruce as your driving instructor because not only is he an excellent instructor he is also an excellent human being. He made me confident about my driving and gave me the skill to pass my test and more. Always patient and makes you aware of everything you need to be doing but always approachable with any worries you may have on what actions needed to be taken to become a better driver. His humour and jokes will be missed as I go it alone but couldn't be more thankful for what he has taught me through the stop start lessons we had during this pandemic. He always showed belief in me even after months between being allowed to drive. Thank you again I'm truly grateful.

Nicholas MendoncaNicholas Mendonca
Passed 1st time in Automatic
I would highly recommend Bruce as an instructor. As well as being a fantastic instructor, Bruce is a really nice guy who will put you at ease during your lesson and provides a flexible approach depending on how you are feeling when you enter the car. Even as an anxious driver, I would look forward to my lessons with Bruce and always came away with a positive experience.

Karolina LelitoKarolina Lelito
Passed 1st time
I had such a great time driving with Bruce. His knowledge and experience allowed him to pick techniques that tailored to me so that I could learn how to drive to the best of my ability. I felt comfortable and safe at every lesson and his hard work and patience allowed me to pass first time. Thanks Bruce.

Sean HaddowSean Haddow
1st time pass in an automatic car
Having tried driving in the past I had given up hope until my work encouraged me to try again. We searched locally and found Bruce who had great reviews. I was tentative at first but found it far more enjoyable than i used to. Bruce was very patient, and focused on driving as a whole rather than just passing the test, which helps a lot when you are waiting to take it. I would happily recommend Bruce as an instructor, as you are getting great quality and a skilled tutor.

Lyle DunlopLyle Dunlop
Passed 1st time
Bruce was a good instructor, he was very calm and good at explaining how to do things. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor

Chinh PhamChinh Pham
Automatic driving lessons
It was great to learn with Bruce. I would highly reccommend Bruce to anyone looking for automatic lessons around Renfrew. A great instructor with lots of patience. He really made the whole process from start to pass motivating, safe and most importantly easy and simple. Bruce doesn't waste time, rather he allows you to fully experience the different challenges you will face in your day to day journeys behind the wheel, allowing you to question how you would deal with and overcome that situation if he wasn't there. I'm heavily pregnant but he helped me pass my test 5 days before my due date. Thank you so much Bruce!

Lewis ConnorLewis Connor
Automatic driving lessons
I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve what I wanted to achieve by passing my driving test, I probably made it a harder task for you as I have the concentration span of a budgie, haha, but we got there. Thanks for everything. Every lesson I done I felt I learned more and more and the lessons were delivered across to me in an easy way to suit my ways of working which made it a lot easier to pick up.

Michelle CraigMichelle Craig
Nervous driver
I would highly recommend Bruce!! I had taken numerous driving tests with a number of instructors over the years which I had failed due to nerves. Bruce had a calming influence putting me at ease when it came to lessons and the test. I have become a much more confident driver and finally after years I have passed my test!! Thanks to Bruce, today I have gained not only my driving licence but my independence, which I am truly grateful for.

Lauren GielLauren Giel
Intensive Course
It had taken me quite a while to pluck up the courage to give driving a second go after a very cold lesson I had previously with an instructor who had made me uneasy behind the wheel. With Bruce, I felt like I was always pushed enough to get me to drive at my best, but never so much that I got stressed. Bruce's patience and AWFUL jokes got me through it all, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Lynn McCann
Ist time pass
I decided to take up lessons again after having not much interest years ago with another instructor. I recently found out I was pregnant and it was the motivation I needed. Bruce is a very friendly instructor who inspires confidence. He is also incredibly supportive and very dedicated to teaching you to be above test standard. This is extremely helpful as you are more than ready when the time comes (I was overjoyed to come away having received only one minor on test day). I also have a job with different shifts and he always made sure he tried to fit me in and was flexible. My driving experience when learning to drive with Bruce was very positive and I would 100% recommend him!

Kerry FraserKerry Fraser
Ist time pass
Can't thank Bruce enough for helping me through my driving lessons. I was anxious about driving for a long time but with Bruce's continued kindness and support I began to believe in myself. He will respond to your needs as an individual and is always approachable. I've been given an amazing set of driving skills. I will miss coming out every week for my lessons and the banter.

Josh McNeillJosh McNeill
Passed 1st time
Bruce was an amazing instructor who helped me get to where I am and succeed in passing my test confidently.Every moment of my driving with Bruce was stress free, enjoyable and an all round fun time. Due to this I was finding my driving easy and relaxing, making me able to take in more information to help me grow in my driving. He doesn't only teach you to pass, he teaches you for driving after the test to help you make the correct decisions on the road to keep yourself safe and other skills that will make you a better driver. Overall I really enjoyed every lesson and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Eve AndersonEve Anderson
Fantastic Instructor
Bruce was a fantastic driving instructor and I really enjoyed lessons with him. Each lesson, he'd show up smiling and put you right at ease, even in the more stressful situations. He knew exactly how to push you to your best without ever making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. It also really helped that he'd design lessons to fit my pace and style of learning, so I felt I got something out of each lesson. As long as you're good at laughing at bad jokes I'd highly recommend him to anyone.

Natasha DockNatasha Dock
Ist time pass
Passed my driving test first time with Bruce! Very motivational and patient. Bruce is a really good instructor, I enjoyed my driving lessons and I would definitely recommend Bruce!

Tom Dragan
Ist time driving in Britian
Although I have 45 years of driving experience and have driven in many countries; I was very nervous about driving on the left side of the road during a vacation in Scotland. Bruce was a patient and knowledgeable instructor who designed a two hour class to meet my needs. Bruce provided me with the knowledge, practice and confidence I needed to safely navigate Scottish roads and motorways. I highly recommend that anyone considering driving in Scotland consider giving him a call.

Martin HamiltonMartin Hamilton
Ist time pass
I will really miss my weekly driving/therapy lessons. Bruce has the upmost professionalism and really strong people skills. I felt comfortable in his car from day 1. He was really flexible with our lesson plans and always worked out times that would suit my busy work/life. Probably the hardest part of my training was fake laughing at his bad jokes but other that that i truly can't thank him enough for his mentorship over the last year. Thanks Bruce and I hope to run/drive into you in the future. I would highly recommend Bruce to any learner driver.

Keziah CoutzeeKeziah Coutzee
Passed 1st time
A HUGE Thank you to Bruce from LDC for being an incredible instructor! Because of him I was able to pass my test first time after just 2 months of learning. Bruce really helps you by making you feel at ease on the road, he makes jokes to calm you down and also volunteers to sing to you. I would 100% recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Bruce

Isla StewartIsla Stewart
First time pass {Automatic}
Thanks Bruce for all your help. You're a fantastic driving instructor. I recommend you to anyone needing good help!

Darren LivingstonDarren Livingston
Passed 1st time
I honestly can't thank and recommend Bruce enough. I originally began learning with another instructor and my confidence when driving was awful.Bruce calmed my nerves completely and gave me so much faith in myself that I managed to pass first time. I honestly can't thank Bruce enough and would recommend him to anyone and everyone I know who is looking for a driving instructor, because he truly is the best.

Will CarpernterWill Carpernter
Passed 1st time
I am very thankful for Bruce and his patience with helping me through my lessons. He's a very thorough instructor and makes sure you're comfortable while you're out and will try and adapt to how you are feeling on the day. I'd recommend him to anyone who was looking for an instructor, though, be ready for jingle bells to be sung- badly - on repeat.

Sarah SmithSarah Smith
Honestly can't thank Bruce enough for all his help these past 5 months. He has gone above and beyond the average driving instructor. Bruce made me feel comfortable and confident while driving again. I had previously had lessons with another driving school and had stopped as I didn't enjoy driving, but now I love it. I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. He was very encouraging throughout my lessons and he is a very patient person.

Jackie BurnettJackie Burnett
I have to say a huge thank you to bruce for all his help guidance and encouragement on helping me pass my driving test. I would highly recommend bruce as a instructor he is patient, kind and put me at ease. I can't thank bruce enough for helping me get my freedom and independence.

Nicole TaylorNicole Taylor
So happy to have passed, couldn't of done it without Bruce. Every lesson was worth it, I have been with another instructor previously, I found the LDC way so much better for me, the way it was broken down into steps and the whiteboard Flipchart help a lot.

Alexander WylieAlexander Wylie
Bruce was an excellent driving instructor and helped make me a confident driver. He explained things well and was very patient with me. Bruce made me feel at ease and I would highly recommended him to anyone.

A first time pass with Bruce! I started my driving lessons on my birthday and Bruce is such a patient, helpful (and I hate to say it) funny guy. He was very thorough in checking I felt comfortable with all my manoeuvres and routes in Paisley. I feel I couldn't have passed any quicker or smoothly with another instructor. Woohoo, WE DID IT!!!!!